LIN 5451 Timing Belt Pulley  
Timing Belt Pulley with Fastening Kit 50

Drive and idler pulley for linear motion unit in construction size 50 mm.

Form of supply

1 Timing Belt Pulley LIN 5400

1 Fastener 50x50 FAS 5050

2 Centering Inserts FAS 5052

2 Drop-in Nuts M8 TIN 4508

2 Screws M10 x 35, DIN 7991

2 Screws M8 x 20, DIN 912


Flange plates for motor connection are available upon request.

Timing Belt Pulley with Fastening Kit 50

Technical data

Connection Option LIN 5451

For connecting to extrusions:

50x50, 50x100 flat, 50x200 flat

Material: black anodized aluminum, steel

Max. drive torque: 60 Nm

Carriage stroke per revolution: 200 mm

Pitch circle diameter: 63.66 mm

Product number: Description

LIN 5451 Timing Belt Pulley with Fastening Kit 50

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